Zuzana Designs Review – Avoid Her Sloppy Work, Attitude

With so many options out there for web design needs, it’s important everyone does their homework and finds the best company to suit their needs.  I recently sat down with some buddies of mine who had an awful experience to share with me, and I figured it’s worth posting today, because frankly, I’m out of ideas for content and Miami doesn’t have a lot happening.

Word to the wise if you are looking for web design help, here’s a company to avoid:  Zuzana Media, owned by Sarah Collins, of 6404 Sarrucca Court, Holly Springs, North Carolina 27540.

Sarah claims to be this frisky, single, horny web designer on a popular Internet Marketing Forum, titled “GoFuckYourself.com.”  In reality, Collins admitted in a private email to being married and on a honeymoon last Summer, while she posted on the popular forum about how she was yachting around the world. (Which should have been his first clue that she wasn’t all there, the second was when he later read she was an aspiring rapper. LOL.)

Upon reading good things about her work, she was hired her to do some web development for their numerous projects. The first couple websites went okay, and they escalated the relationship and used Zuzana Designs as full time company, working on all their projects as they came to fruition.

“While initially her work was reasonable, and she seemed to be hungry for new clients, things got out of hand after about a year of working with Sarah.  Her designs became sloppier, and she started to get an attitude, claiming things that were simply assinine in the world of Web Design.   Routine tasks took days to even get a quote, and it became very apparent that the designs were not  hers.  She had to go back and forth with several people to get answers and to fix things, and when push came to shove, she wouldn’t own up to any errors.  She became very irrate when prompted if she outsourced her work. So either, yes, she does outsource it, or her language and grammar skills are less than someone’s who speaks English as a third of fourth language.  Not sure what’s worse, lying about your corporate structure or having little to no grasp of the written English language.”

The final straw was when she delivered a site that was far from done, and when prodded to fix the errors, she freaked out and asked for more money.  Her designs are not consistent with anything that anyone has seen, and the programmer that went to clean up her mess called her work “ghetto.”

Moral of the story, stay away from this web design chop shop.  Lies, deceit, and poor business practices are among the things you can expect from Zuzana Designs.  “I guess we should have realized she wasn’t a good web designer when she posted photos of herself with a dildo in her mouth for all to see, or the fact that we’ll email her questions about design and she’ll completely ignore them, but in the same time she can post nonsense on forums, like GFY, where she has 14,000 + posts,” said one of the scammed owners.

“I’ve written off a lot of idiots I’ve met online for poor work and forgotten about it, but this one takes the cake.  We asked for the font she used (so the new designer could finish the job she refused to finish as agreed) and instead of giving it to us, she instead replied with snide remarks and cut off all access to our files, communication, and previous designs.  Now we have no idea how to find this obscure font.  That’s just uncalled for – what ever happened to customer service,” he concluded.

There you have it folks, a Zuzana Designs Review.