Wrinkle System’s Two Minute Wrinkle Drill Review

by Geneva

I promised to post a full Wrinkle System review of the new “Two Minute Drill” after I had someone use it for 30 days.  Well, the 30 days is up, and true to my form, I am here posting a full review to kick off 2010.

First off, let me tell you that the customer service over at the Wrinkle System is quite impressive.  Bill Taylor, who handled my inquiry with care, was able to put me in touch with one of the marketing guys, named Doug, and he quickly sent me the Two Minute Wrinkle Drill so I could review it.  First off, I must say that the packaging is impressive. It arrives sealed and packed with care from the warehouse in Pompano Beach, Florida.  I opened it up and expected to see a flimsy packaged product.  Wrong!  This product set could easily sell for over $300 by the looks of it.  But, it’s affordable, which makes it an attractive product to re-order each month.

Here are the three parts to the Wrinkle Drill…..

1.  Extreme Cleansing Gel.

2.  Anti Wrinkle Cream.

3.  Dark Circle Serum.

Obviously, as the name implies, these products can all be used in under two minutes.  Pretty cool I thought. If my 62 year old tester can do it in under two minutes, than you can too.  What really jumped out at me was the ability of the Dark Circle Serum to reduce eye bags on my test subject.  The eye dropper gives you a fingertip’s amount of serum to work into the orbital bone.  And wow, did it work. 62 year old women can get some serious bags, and this grandmother has her share of bags.  Correction.  HAD!

I found myself using the product on occasion and look forward to continuing use of the eye serum, which in my party days, is a great application for the morning after a few too many martinis!

That’s my quick Wrinkle System Review.  If you are looking for an affordable tool to look younger, I’d give it a serious look.