Wrinkle Cream Reviews Point to the 305

If you take a look around the Internet and search for wrinkle cream reviews, you’ll be hard pressed to find any anti aging cream made outside of the Miami area.  Miami has become a breeding ground for skin care products and other rejuvenation services for the skin, but why is that?  Why does Miami have such an edge on the skin care industry?

Fort starters, Florida has an affluent society (well okay, let’s narrow that down to South Florida!) that will spend money on vanity products such as skin rejuvenation, examination, and even cosmetics surgeries.  These types of operations aren’t as common in the North or the Midwest, mainly because people are less prone to show their skin or be outside as often as people are in South Florida.  The sun definitely brings out the people, and when people come outside, they lose their clothing quite fast in order to stay cool.

Also, Florida is a known tax haven, so to speak, with no State income taxes it makes it an easy place for companies to set up their offices and manufacture products at their leisure.  It makes perfect business sense when you couple the fact that the Miami location makes it easy to import and export products to the rest of the world.  The port of Miami is a great place to be around if you are doing international business, and it makes sense as skin care products such as anti wrinkle creams are used by people all over the globe.

The number of professionals in skin care is very large as well as the diversity of procedures and products offered.  If you open up any magazine around South Florida you’ll be hard pressed not to find some sort of rejuvenation cream or cosmetic surgery advertisement inside.

If you look around, there are a few companies we’ve highlighted in the past that have put Miami on the map in skin care.  Two of the top rated skin care companies include Skin Pro International, Inc, and South Beach Skin Care.  It’s great having such great representation from our local companies that have such an impact on the rest of the world and the way they take care of their skin.  South Beach Skin Care manufactures and distributes the popular LifeCell Wrinkle Cream, and Skin Pro manufactures the Amazon.com top seller “Dark Circle Serum,” which works on young adults who spend too much time on South Beach all the way to people who suffer from chronic dark circles from age, stress, or hereditary reasons.

Check out the various wrinkle cream reviews posted online and you’ll come right back to the M-I-A.  Keep young, Miami.