Who is Sick Of Geneva’s Beauty Shit?

by Terry Bender

Look, I know it’s hot in Miami and everyone is into their fashion and beauty stuff.  Ya, Ya.  I get that.  But seriously, as one of three editors of this site, I know that my content is 100% awesome.  I only report cool stuff and tell awesome stories about what is going on in the 3 0 5.  I’m sick of logging in to read about my sweet work, and show my buddies all of my awesome exploits published online, only to read one of Geneva’s “Wrinkle Cream Reviews.”  The only wrinkles I’m lookin at treating right now are my nutsack wrinkles.  If someone can review a product that can cure those, than I am all for smearing that crap on my sack each night and smoothing out the “fine lines” on my ballsack.

Sorry to rant, but when I think of Miami I think of cool stuff, like Mojitos, beaches, Latinas, and fancy cars.   The last thing I want to read about is what Geneva feels is the “best wrinkle treatment.”

Who is with me?