Where did the Electronic Cigarette Come From?

We’ve done many news stories on this thing called an electronic cigarette.  They are ALL OVER Miami.  One company based in Miami is V2Cigs brand.

An electronic cigarette is also called an e-cigarette. It was invented by Hon Lik a Chinese chemist in 2003.  The patent was registered under his employer’s company Runyan which means “smoke anywhere”. This is an electrical device that imitates smoking actual cigarettes.  The user inhales flavour and/or nicotine as with cigarettes.   Electronic cigarettes use heat or ultrasonics to convert the liquid solution into a steam that is inhaled. If the e-cigarette has nicotine it is absorbed into the membranes of the mouth and then into the lungs.

E-cigarettes were introduced to give the feeling of smoking without the bad health effects.  Laws regarding the use of electronic cigarettes differ from country to country.  Many countries have not come to a conclusion with what laws will apply to the use of e-cigarettes as they are still such a new innovation. Studies are proving to be mostly in favour of electronic cigarettes.

While most e-cigarettes are made to resemble cigarettes, pipes or cigars, some are shaped as ball point pens or even as screwdrivers.    Most e-cigarettes are reusable with components being replaceable; however some are only devised for once off use.

The typical e-cigarette contains a LED light cover, battery, atomizer and cartridge.  The cartridge part is the mouth piece which is normally made of a disposable plastic cylinder which has opening on both sides.   It usually contains a spongy fiber which contains the fluid for vaporisation.   When the fluid is finished the “smoker” can either refill the fluid or exchange the cartridge with an already filled cartridge.  Some manufacturers have made special mouth pieces solely for the dripping.

The heating element vaporizes the solution in order for it to be inhaled this part is called the atomizer. The atomizer has filaments that burn out and need to be replaced.  This is the most recurring cost with an electronic cigarette.  The biggest part of the electronic cigarette is usually the battery.  The battery is normally lithium-ion and rechargeable.

Liquids for electronic cigarettes are sold separately most of the time.  They are also known as “nicotine solution” as they would have the nicotine component. Not all liquids contain nicotine.  Most liquids come in flavors some to resemble cigarette brands others in fruit, tobacco or menthol flavors.

When you “smoke” electronic cigarettes, the micro-electronics vaporizes small quantities of nicotine with each puff; the nicotine dissolves the propylene glycol into a fine aerosol.  Every “drag” on the e-cigarette gives the user a half to a third of the nicotine that a cigarette contains. The liquid does not contain tobacco and there is no combustion.

Electronic Cigarettes are available in many different brands.  The top brands include V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, Safe Cig and Premium E cigarette.  They are available for purchase from specialty stores and online.  As they gain popularity they are available in more and more stores.  If you are not able to find them in your area they are readily available for purchase online.  Stick to the top brands to ensure that you purchase a quality product.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes simulate smoking real cigarettes.  There are many environmental benefits to smoking electronic cigarettes as they are much kinder to the environment as opposed to tobacco cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes reduce pollution.  Normal cigarette smokers discard their cigarette butts often in a thoughtless manner.  In many places this is a problem as cigarette butts as many smokers are not conscientious about where they discard their cigarette butts.

Electronic cigarettes do not give off most of the harmful material that traditional cigarettes produce when combustion takes place.  The amount of carbon dioxide emissions are greatly reduced by smoking electronic cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes contain no tar or carbon monoxide. Cigarettes have over 4000 poisons that are not found in electronic cigarettes.  The electronic cigarette emits non harmful vapors.  Where ever the electronic cigarette smoker smokes there is no harmful effect on the environment and no second hand smoke to affect the health of people that are in the surroundings of an e smoker.

Smoking is being banned in more and more places because the smoke exhaled is harmful for all people.  Electronic cigarettes do not have any harmful emissions thus can be enjoyed without any concerns about what effects you are having on your friends and family or the environment.  Hiking outdoors the electronic cigarette smoker can enjoy his cigarette without worry about having any waste to harm animals and plant life.

Most of the electronic cigarette is reusable so it does not produce nearly as much waste as cigarettes do.  The electronic cigarette smoker also does not need to use matches or lighters.  This is also a cut down on the waste from matches such as the match boxes and as skinny as they are discarded matches can accumulate and add quite a bit to waste.  I would definitely recommend them as the “greener” option giving off a lot less waste than traditional cigarettes do.

Another environmental hazard that cigarettes often cause is that they have often been the culprit in large fires that have cause severe damage to national parks.   A carelessly discarded cigarette can cause years of damage to delicate ecosystems even wiping out protected plants or insects.  A large percentage of home fires are also started by cigarettes.  This not only endangers life but has a big impact on our environment as precious resources have to be used to put these fires out.  Electronic cigarettes do not have any combustion so there are no fires that result.

People often walk through parks or gardens with tobacco cigarettes and are thoughtless as to the impact that the ash or the cigarette butts have on their environment.  Smokers are often considered to be selfish on E cigarettes they will lose that label.

Electronic cigarettes are better for the health and have resulted in many people giving up smoking.  The greener option is definitely to take up electronic cigarettes.  If you are a smoker and battling to quit why not try electronic cigarettes and be kinder to your environment.