What Is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB Salts?

What Is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate? Get Your Questions Answered

Whichever food you eat or whichever nutrition you consume with your foods, it has a scientific name. These names are too difficult to pronounce, forget about remembering it. If you are in the popular ketogenic diet community, you must have heard about the term beta-hydroxybutyrate. It is one of the most active ketogenic nutrient in your body. Thankfully, you need not remember it by its original name. The simpler form will be BHB (https://www.clevelandleader.com/best-beta-hydroxybutyrate-supplement-bhb-salts/).

What Do You Actually Mean By BHB?

BHB is basically a molecule which is popularly known as a ketone body. In the absence of glucose, BHB is the primary molecule that helps your body produce its energy. BHB is extremely essential if your body uses the stored fat for fuel or even when you consume BHB supplements to boost your natural ability to produce energy. If you think in a technical way, BHB cannot be termed as a ketone body. Ketones are originally carbonyl carbons which are bonded to 2 more carbon atoms. If you are planning to start on a ketogenic diet, you should consider BHB as one of the 3 different ketone bodies produced by your body.

What Is The Basic Source Of BHB?

Your body can easily produce BHB. After you are done consuming carbs, your body utilizes a specific substrate to produce energy. Once this is done, your body switches to a more creative way to produce energy. Your liver starts producing BHB with the help of medium and long chain fatty acids obtained from the fat tissues inside your body. Basically, this means that your body transforms stored fat to fuel. Sometimes, if you wait for your body to switch from the process of carbohydrate metabolism to BHB metabolism, it may take a long time. Thus, some people opt for BHB supplements that help the body to get BHB faster than other wise.

What Is The Primary Job Of BHB?

When you talk about your body getting into a state of ketosis, the first substrate that kick starts the process is BHB. Whether you let your body produce its own source of BHB or opt for BHB rich supplements, your body stands a good chance of getting its energy almost immediately. The best part about BHB is that it can easily float to different parts of your body through your blood and also cross various crucial barriers almost effortlessly. The best example of this fact is your brain. The blood-brain barrier or BBB is one of the most tightly secured areas of your body. However, BHB is able to make through this barrier simply because your brain allows it to enter anytime it has to enter. This is also one of the primary reasons that support the fact that increased BHB level in your body leads to heightened mental alertness.

Most of you may wonder whether BHB is safe for your body or not. Thankfully, it is extremely safe for your body and overall health. Whether you let your body produce it or have it through a BHB rich supplement.