Weekend Forecast Shows Rain & HEAT

It’s that time of year when the heat is scorching and the daily showers are abundant.  Just when you thought you were going to have a rain-free day, BOOM it comes down in buckets.  Yesterday the rain held off until 5:00pm in most areas of South Florida.  I ran down to South Beach to do some errands, and it was clear as day.  I enjoyed a good workout at the 500 Brickell Building with a friend who lives there, and afterwards we had to run up to North Beach to do some work to a condo for sale.  All day long, it was clear as day, hot as the dickens, and then boom, on my way back up north, the rain poored in.  It’ s just that time of year right now, where an uber-hot day is followed by torrential downpoors.

This weekend will bring much of the same.  Be sure to moisturize your skin during the day as the sun will be beating down hard.  Later in the afternoon, you can expect the same showers to start up and essentially cut your trip to the beach short.

It’s just that time of year – nothing you can do except grin and bear it.