Vapin in the Club

Have you seen these new vapor cigarettes in South Beach Clubs yet?  They are popping up everywhere!

Vapor cigarettes (also called vapor cigs, electronic cigarettes or e-cigs) are electronic smoking devices that look, feel and act much like a regular tobacco cigarette.  While they are relatively new in the cigarette industry, they are quickly rising in popularity because of their convenience (you can smoke them anywhere), their taste, their cleanliness, and also for their use as a smoking cessation device.

Vapor cigarettes are nicotine delivery devices that are comprised of a battery and a nicotine cartridge (sometimes a cartomizer) that screw together.  To use an electronic vapor cigarette, the user inhales through the mouthpiece, which activates the lithium battery and prompts the release of nicotine vapor from the cartridge.  This vapor is then inhaled much like you would inhale a regular cigarette.  To give it an even more realistic look, the other end of the vapor cigarette has an LED light indicator that glows and gives the appearance of a lit cigarette.

As mentioned previously, you can smoke vapor cigarettes anywhere.  Just like the name says, they emit a vapor, rather than nasty cigarette smoke.  There is no odor from vapor cigarettes, and since there is no tar, tobacco and other carcinogens like you would find in regular tobacco cigarettes, there is no risk of second-hand smoke.  You can literally smoke them anywhere, even where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed – restaurants, bars, etc.  I’ve heard people even use theirs on airplanes.  Since there is no flame needed, and no burning, there is no ash produced and there is no mess from vapor cigarettes.

Vapor cigarette cartridges come in a wide variety to satisfy every customer’s needs, whether it be their nicotine content or their flavoring.  You can buy high nicotine content cartridges if you are a heavy smoker and crave nicotine, or cartridges with little or no nicotine if you simply are e-smoking for the taste.  There is something to satisfy everybody’s tastes, with traditional tobacco flavors available (and menthol), as well as an assortment of fruity flavors and others like mocha, vanilla, peppermint…just about anything you could imagine, there’s a brand out there that makes that flavor.

Vapor cigarettes have also become popular as a means to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.  With vapor cigarettes the user still gets their nicotine fix, without the other harmful chemicals.  And with the different degrees of nicotine in the cartridges, a smoker can wean themselves off of their habit by starting with higher nicotine content cartridges and stepping down to lower nicotine content, until they no longer have cravings for nicotine at all.

It’s easy to see why vapor cigarettes have started showing up in South Beach clubs.  That they are cleaner and healthier and can be smoked anywhere is reason enough for many smokers to give up their old pack of cigarettes for good.  If you’re looking to begin smoking vapor cigarettes, take a look at my main page for my rankings and reviews of the best brands out there.  Happy vaping!