V-Covery Cream by EliteSkin Treats Neck Wrinkles

by Geneva
Beauty Blogger at MiamiBlog.com

Got neck wrinkles?  How about sun damage on that decollete area? If you are seeing your skin sag on the v-zone, listen up!

There are many signs of aging that affect our neck line, upper chest, and what is professionally called the “decollete.”  While some people suffer from overlapping neck wrinkles, not everyone complains about this common sign of aging that has joking been called “turkey neck.”  While the term has caught on in skin care circles, it’s not a polite one or one you want to admit you suffer from.  Other people will suffer from loose, sagging skin that hangs down from the chin, while others simply see their skin is not as firm and smooth above their chest and breasts than it is on the rest of their body.  These are all signs of aging that can affect us, especially use Floridians that are exposed to massive amounts of sun.

V-Covery Neck Cream

V-Covery Neck Cream

You see, the sun beats down on us in Miami more than anywhere in the continental USA (I’m giving the nod to Hawaii on this one), and it’s long-term affects can really make one look older.  Wrinkles and other sun spots are common complaints among Floridians who don’t always apply sunblock on this area of incredibly delicate skin.  This skin wears out about as fast as any on the human body, even the skin that is right beneath the eyes, which of course can lead to eye wrinkles, thin skin, and bags.  It’s important that you cover your entire body with sunscreen, not just your face, arms, and exposed parts of your legs.  You see, many people, especially golfers, who are prone to wearing the collared shirts which allow their upper chest and neck to be exposed, don’t properly apply sunscreen to this area of skin, and it shows later in life.  The damage of overexposure to the sun TODAY will only show in your red color that stays with you for a few days, but the long term damage won’t be seen for 15-20 years.  That damage is not easily corrected, but thanks to some advanced cosmeceutical creams, there are some ways you can firm it up for a very affordable price.

Of course, if your damage to your neck is extreme, you could consider a cosmetic surgery such as a neck lift, but you will have to spend around $7,000 at most clinics and suffer through extreme pain.  This type of thing does not interest many people, so most people will turn to neck creams, such as the V-Covery by EliteSkin.

V-Covery is a cream applied to the upper chest and neck that treats neck wrinkles and loose, sagging skin on contact.  It’s powerful peptide ingredients include Matrixyl 3000, an advanced healing agent used in many of the best wrinkle creams.  This ingredient, along with LipoCare and Essenskin, create a high-powered formula that works to correct the long term damage by the sun.  A neck firming cream that is available on it’s own as well as with the Age Defying System by EliteSkin, this has been a popular product that has helped many men and women look younger.

If you haven’t heard of EliteSkin, they are a division of Skin Pro, a Miami company that manufactures right here in South Florida.  I invite you to check out the Official Website of EliteSkin and see for yourself why so many people are using this popular brand.