Ultra Music Festival 2010

by Geneva

Ultra Music Festival has come once again in 2010, bringing Miami’s hottest event for party-goers and ravers.  The best music in the world comes in the form of many performances by top DJ’s from across the world.  Here is a rundown of what you can expect in this years Ultra Music Festival.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this year, which is about the first time in the last 7-8 years that I won’t be in attendance.  However, several of my friends will be going this year so I hope to have some stories and photos to post in the next few days.

4 pm – midnight on Friday, in Bicentennial Park off of Biscayne Blvd is where everything kicks off.  Saturday, the hours are the same.  A two day full event all access pass runs $350 this year.  $250 is the Friday OR Saturday VIP pass rate, and if you want individual days, today’s show is $89.99 while the price jumps $10 for tomorrows show.  If you are new to Miami, you may want to see this event, especially if you find yourself being a club fan or someone who likes to dance electronic.

Hotel pool parties are among the best sideshows going with the event.  People post up at every nice hotel and sip their favorite drinks while listening to the world’s best DJ’s spin and mix their favorite chill and dance music. Scantily-clad dancers are always in the mix, making the eye candy top notch.

This year’s festival, which runs Friday, March 26 and Saturday, March 27 at downtown Miami’s sprawling Bicentennial Park, brings a more old-school appeal, with acts known for enduring anthems such as Faithless (Insomnia), Groove Armada (I See You Baby) and Crystal Method (Busy Child) performing live sets.

This year’s feature group is called Orbital, a United Kingdom group is making it’s first US appearance.

Whatever happens, happens.  It’s almost like a Vegas trip, the Ultra Music Conference is something that people truly get up and dance for.