Tijuana Taxi Company Review

Miami may have a huge amount of Latin descendants, but the Mexican culture is one that is not as large in population as one would expect.  Despite that, there are many Mexican restaurants that offer authentic Mexican ambiance and food, but none are as good as Tijuana Taxi Company.  We recently went to the Davie location, and had a great time, as usual.

Tijauana Taxi Company

Tijauana Taxi Company

The indoor and outdoor restaurant offers all of the Mexican classes plus many combination items.  Tacos, Burritos, Chimichanga, Enchiladas, are all highly recommended.  There are many variations, such as “San Diego Fish Tacos,” “Rattlesnake Tacos” and “Oaxaca Tacos” which all offer different spices and ingredients to satisfy one’s appetite.

Of course, if you aren’t into Mexican, you can still enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and order a club sandwich, Cuban sandwich, burger, gyro, sliders, or other item off the beaten path.

The patio fills up during happy hour, and you can see many people take advantage of the drink specials, including Margaritas as large as you want.  The sizes stop just short of “Vegas” as we have yet to see a yard of Margaritas, but don’t put it past Tijuana Taxi Company as the place is always packed.

Whether you are looking for a great time, great people, or just a few drinks, Tijuana taxi Company never lets you down.  While it’s not a sports bar by design, you can catch any major sporting event on one of the many tv’s inside and outside.

With many people coming from all over South Florida, be sure to think ahead as this large restaurant fills up often.  It’s hands down the best Mexican watering hole and authentic food spot we’ve found in Miami and our editors pick as Miami Blog’s favorite taco joint.

If you find yourself in the Davie area, we highly suggest making an afternoon of drinking on their patio. It’s worth adding that the chips and salsa are very fresh and quite tasty.  You won’t be let down by this local hot spot.

We’re going there right now, in fact.  All this typing got us hungry!

You can find the Davie location at:

(954) 472-5008

Fax: (954) 344-9202

4400 S. University Dr.

Davie, Fl., 33328