The Youth Gone Wild

Everyone is always trying to get young, lose weight, and look pretty in Miami.  But serious folks, some of you have gone bonkers with this anti aging bullshit.  I mean seriously, my girlfriend buys so much crap that it just pisses me off when she won’t chip in her allotted share of the rent.  Here is a short list of what she buys each month, no bs:

  • Anti Cellulite Cream.  (And she isn’t even fat.  I swear.)
  • Dermajuv Neck Cream.  (Why does anyone need a neck cream?  I did read that link but seriously, I think this is such a scam.)
  • Elite Eye Serum.  (That is what I get for getting us a sponsor.)
  • Anti Wrinkle Cream.  (She says they PREVENT wrinkles, but by the time she wrinkles I’ll be banging some other chic, right now all I care about is the money for the rent.)

I mean seriously, how can you spend that much money on skin care stuff?  I know it’s hot down here, and I know they tell you that you need coppertone every day you go outside, but seriously, this is getting disgusting.  We spend $2,000 a month for rent, and she spends $500 on anti aging creams?  Come on!!!!