The T.O. Show Review

by Geneva

I’ve never been a fan of Terrell Owens, the self-absorbed, problem causing wide receiver who recently joined the Buffalo Bills.  However, I have to say, after seeing his show, I have to say he is an interesting guy.  Terrell Owens doesn’t seem to crave attention on the VH1 show bearing his moniker, unlike when he takes the field and scores a touchdown, only to show a pre-meditated celebration which normally draws ire from the NFL and disgust from the officials.

Terrell’s show takes place in Los Angeles, where he is living as he prepares for next season.  His two best friends, both females, come out to L.A. with Terrell and are constantly involved in his life.  His constant womanizing is a hot topic on the show, and Owens is always a laid-back, charming guy.  It’s a great show to watch if you enjoy reality television or are a fan of Terrell Owens or the NFL in general.