The Link between Diet and Cellulite

by Geneva 

Today I thought I'd talk about something NOBODY wants to hear about in Miami:  Cellulite. 

Have a good weekend and enjoy my article!

Through the dimpled surface of the skin, cellulite can accumulate – but there are
certain exercises and exercise programs which can be completed that can
effectively prevent cellulite, while reducing the appearance of the
cellulite that has formed through the inner layers of the skin.

Here are some of the recommended exercise programs to reduce the appearance
of cellulite within the body:

·         Make use of a daily exercise program that includes a
cardiovascular workout. Through the use of this program, individuals can
reduce the amount of overall fat cells within the body, which can reduce the
appearance of cellulite within the exterior of the skin. Once the fat cells
are reduced, so are the toxins and the fluid retention within the body,
which can cause the cellulite to become drastically reduced in appearance.

·         Complete an intensive yoga class or yoga program to reduce the
amount of cellulite which can appear throughout the lower body. One of the
main causes of the appearance of cellulite through the entire body is a poor
circulation throughout the entire body. Yoga has been an effective way to
increase blood flow and circulation throughout all of the extremities which
can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite.

·         Using exercises which can create additional lean muscle mass
through areas which are prone to cellulite can be an effective way to reduce
the appearance. Through the targeted exercises, fat cells and fat pockets
within the skin cells can be converted into muscle and therefore can be an
effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite within certain targeted
areas of the body.

·         Prior to starting any exercise program, it is important to include
stretching within the workout routine. Stretching is an effective way to
increase the blood flow, as well as increase the circulation within the body
and help the exercises to effectively target the areas in which the
cellulite has occurred.

Using these tips and tricks, you can be sure to target the areas that are
prone to cellulite as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite within
certain areas of the body. Exercise is an essential part of remaining
healthy and removing the toxins from the body and therefore ensuring that
these tips and tricks are used in your workout routine can help you to
improve the overall tone of the skin.