Terry’s Miami Chatter for Good Friday

by Terry Bender

Not sure why they call it Good Friday, it’s been a rather bad day for me so far. Hopefully that will change over the next few hours as I start slamming beers on this hot sunny day in the 305.  Here are a few notes before we take off for the weekend.

Dwayne Wade is involved in a custody battle for his two sons, and may not play for team USA this summer. I’d like to wish D-Wade and his family the best during these trying times.  It’s a commendable decision by Wade.  Basketball isn’t everything, and I am glad he is doing all he can do make sure his sons are always part of his life and close to him.  There are enough games during the NBA season as it is, I think there are too many events post-season as it is.  Let the guy take a break and please don’t give him any guff while he does what is a noble thing – taking care of family business.

Many people know I am a fan of electronic cigarettes. I read an email this morning talking about the new Npro by Enjoy.  I’ve had a lot of electronic cigs in my day, and always prefer the two-part component system.  Apparently this model is of two parts and the price has been slashed by about 35%.  Good stuff for all the vapor smokers out there.  (I continue to see these things remain popular on places like Lincoln Road.)

Tiger Woods comes back to the golf world next week – my money says he wins the Masters and defies all of the hoopla that is sure to surround him post-scandal.  Tiger, I’ll be cheering for you.

Tennis action continues in Miami today – Rafeal Nadal is a favorite versus Andy Roddick in what is sure to be a well-attended match.

The Miami Herald reported that the Estefan’s, Emilio and Gloria, are hosting President Barack Obama during his visit to Miami at their Miami Beach home.

The Marlins season opens next week up in New York verus the division rival Mets.  They come home the next weekend to face the Manny Ramirez-led Los Angeles Dodgers.  Ramirez lives in Broward in the off-season and can be seen around the Pembroke Pines and Weston area filling up his Cadillac Escalade. I once saw him last year jumping up and down as he was getting gas on a COLD miami day.  Gotta love Manny Ramirez!

That’s it folks, have a nice Easter weekend and be safe.  Go Marlins!