Learn How to Invest in South Florida Real Estate

Many people come to South Florida in search of the climate and the beach.  Of course, who doesn’t like this climate? Many people are also finding that not only living in South Florida can be fun and beautiful, but it can also be very profitable just buying property.  There are a lot of companies out […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Update

by Bernie Stackhouse If you lived in Miami from 2000 until now, you saw one of the most wild real estate rides in the history of real estate.  Prices skyrocketed, then plummeted, all in a very short time.  It’s hard to say exactly when the bubble started to burst, but I can say anyone that […]

Miami Real Estate Report by Bernie Stackhouse

by Miami Blog Admin Miami Blog welcomes local Miami Beach resident Bernie Stackhouse to the staff of Miami Blog.  Mr. Stackhouse will be the resident know-it-all on Miami Real Estate, and will often report on the state of the upside-down South Beach Condo market.  Bernie brings to the table years of experience in real estate, […]