Miami Q. and A.’s Coming Up

We’re always up on the latest gossip in Miami….so you better believe you are going to see some Q. and A.’s with some of Miami’s own people.  We won’t name names, but we’ll give you some hints at the types of people we will be getting up close and personal with… Plastic Surgeons Real Estate […]

Miami Blog Construction

by Miami Blog Staff We’d like to apologize to readers new and old for any upcoming mess you may see on Miami Blog. As our readership reaches new levels and new people surf into the Miami Blog, we would like to apologize in advance for some construction that may prohibit us from updating the site […]

Miami Blog – Miami & South Beach News

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Marlins Fall to Dodgers in Home Opener 7-3

by Terry Bender The Florida Marlins opened up their home season with a 7-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Once again, relief pitching was the downfall for the Fish, who move to 2-2 on the year. The Dodgers improved to 2-2 on the season after going 1-2 at Pittsburgh to open up their 2010 […]

Terry’s Miami Chatter for Good Friday

by Terry Bender Not sure why they call it Good Friday, it’s been a rather bad day for me so far. Hopefully that will change over the next few hours as I start slamming beers on this hot sunny day in the 305.  Here are a few notes before we take off for the weekend. […]

Miami Blog Site Overhaul

The Miami Blog will be going through a massive overhaul in the upcoming weeks.  Please bear with us as we’re making some major design changes to the way Miami blog looks and feels.  As we continue to be the most updated Miami blog on the web, we’re making sure our layout conforms to both our […]

Espn is LIVE on South Beach’s Ocean Drive

Miami Blog Staff If you are a fan of sports, you certainly pay attention to the various ESPN shows and broadcasts.  This week, they have been broadcasting LIVE from Ocean Drive in South Beach.  Shows like the popular “Pardon the Interruption” have taken place there, as well as Jim Rome’s popular show, “Rome is Burning.” […]

New Years Resolutions – Miami Blog Style

by Terry Bender and the Miami Blog Staff This year, I’ve got my usual New Years Resolutions…. I want to lose 20 pounds – of course, I’ll lose like 4-5 right off the bat, then just stop trying. I want to quit smoking – something that I think I will be able to do now […]

Miami Notes for Tuesday, November 17

Not too much to report in the 3-0-5 right now, so I thought I’d throw out a couple tidbits of information that I found on some other news sites. On the Miami Herald, there is a BIG article about how Miami-Dade taxpayers spent $217,000 on trips for the commissioner to travel the world and “drum […]

Terry Bender Probably has Wrinkly Nuts

by Geneva Terry Bender, shame on you…..everyone in Miami all the way up to the Palm Beach area knows that skin care is IN style in South Florida.  If you don’t want to read about eye gels and other sorts of anti aging products, I suggest you quit your job as an amateur blogger who […]