Using the Best Skin Care Technology: Elite Serum

As anyone with wrinkles know, the search for a good product in the eye serum market is a tough one. You can try 100 products and find nothing that works. Fortunately, there’s some good news for those of us who want a product that actually removes wrinkles. Elite Serum is now available for consumer purchase, […]

Elite Serum Review

Elite Serum is an anti aging eye cream that’s made right here in South Florida.  Since beauty products in Miami are in so much demand, it’s worth giving a review of this critically acclaimed eye serum made right here in South Florida’s skin belt. Made by Skin Pro, makers of fine skin products, the Elite […]

Miami Living Says EliteSkin “Miami’s Latest Pioneers of Skin Care”

Miami Living Magazine is “the magazine for your entertainment addiction,” and also a major voice in the Miami area for fashion, style,celeb gossip, where to be seen, and more.  The quarterly publication was released this August, and with Enrique Iglesias on the cover, it did not disappoint female readers as well as fans of Latin […]

Best Eye Serum is Made in Miami

by Geneva With all of the sun in hot Miami, Florida, there sure is plenty of need for anti aging creams.  The sun can damage our skin and lead to eye wrinkles, which is the reason these creams are in such heavy demand.  One component of an anti aging ritrual is an eye serum.  The […]

Miami Skin Care Company Announces 4th of July Party

This story was published this morning and is on all major media outlets.  Seems Elite Skin (an advertiser here on is starting a marketing blitz in the right way!  Anyone going to the bbq? Please read for a $40 savings coupon for Elite Serum, the award-winning under-eye serum that helps get rid of dark […]

What Makes Elite Serum So Effective?

We like to support our advertisers, especially when they are companies we highly believe in. Elite Serum is an under eye application that is used to treat the symptoms that come with aging. The eye serum has won numerous awards. Google “Elite Serum” and your sure to see some press. Elite Serum is a product […]