Summit Van Lines offers Miami Moving Tips

Today we get some free moving advice from local moving company Summit Van Lines Moving Company

On average, every household in America relocates around 7,400 lbs of goods from one house to another. This can mean that you have to pack stuff in over 100 boxes and hire a moving company at a huge cost.

If you are low on budget but have a strong heart to personally move your stuff to your new home, we’ve a guide that can help you cut the costs and make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

Access how much you have to move

Moving to a new location means that you will have to move everything you own. Before you start the whole moving process, it is very important to note down how big your move will be. See if there is some stuff you can sell off or give it away on craigslist before your move. You have to make sure how big the move is to find out whether you will be requiring professional help or not.

How many people are you?

If you plan on moving everything yourself, do you have people at home with enough stamina? If you are going to move away with your grandpa and grandma, don’t expect them to help out too much because of lack of their stamina. If you have teen kids who can help out with the move, then you can consider moving yourself or hire professional help.

Determine the costs

Moving will be costly whether you decide to hire professional help or not. The cost of moving includes buying boxes, tapes, bubble rapes, ropes and markers. You will also most likely hire a truck to move your precious furniture and other home appliances. So note down these costs and see where you can move stuff without packing and then determine the final cost.

Try to cut costs

Now that you know how much stuff you need to move, you don’t necessarily have to buy boxes off hardware shops. Why not use free boxes that you get from shopping? Visit a super store at night time and ask them if they have spare boxes. Super markets often carry empty boxes from supplies that they need to get rid off. They are willing to hand over these boxes if you ask nicely. Some stores will even ask you for a bit of money but the cost will still be very low.

Alternatively, you can look online for spare boxes. Places like craigslist is an amazing place to find such stuff. You will be amazed how much free stuff goes on craigslist and boxes are one of them. You may even find someone willing to help you out with the moving process.

Other places where you can shop for all your moving needs are home improvement stores. Here you can find affordable stuff that can help you pack up and organize your stuff easily.

Whatever you do, do not directly call a moving company to do everything for you because they are likely going to charge you a lot for packing materials and other services.

Thanks again to Summit Van lines, which can be found at the information below.  They are our preferred Miami Relocation specialist.

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