Summer is Upon Us – Bust out that Sunblock

In the summer time when the sun is shining so intensely, people get excited for a sunbathing spree on the beach or pool. While it’s nice to get some tanning going on, it is not cool to endure the aftereffects of sunbathing, the pain and skin flaking. It is therefore a must avoid these by having a reliable sunblock with you. In fact, you’d need it all year round, especially on your facial skin, which is more sensitive to the sun rays and the ones readily exposed to it.

The skin care industries have advertised so many sunblock to the point where it can be confusing just to choose which brand to use. However, what you need to check are the benefits that the sunblock could give you that others can’t offer and more importantly the feedback of customers who have used it. To start off, you can read this Therapeutic Sunblock SPF-40 review to get the details about this new product by Wrinkle System Diamond Edition that people rave about.

So what could Therapeutic Sunblock SPF-40 offer that other brands can’t..? The Therapeutic Sunblock SPF-40 with its newest nano-technology and bio-technology gives you the benefit of being protected from both UVA and UVB sun rays. This means fighting not only against burns but as well as aging effects of sun rays. Based on studies, the sun has had a major effect in formation of those fine lines and wrinkles on the facial skin. Although genetics, age, diet, and lifestyle can all contribute to these, the sun has the greatest and most damaging effects. To address this problem, scientific researchers of Wrinkle System thought of incorporating an active wrinkle fighting peptide, Argireline to the sunblock to fight the premature skin aging. Together with antioxidants lipoic acid and green tea, it also affords some defense against free radicals, giving even more protection at that.

When used with the other products offered by Wrinkle System, the Therapeutic Sunblock SPF-40 can be helpful not only in shielding one’s skin from the damaging effects of sun rays but also in smoothening the creases and fine lines found mostly on the forehead, around the eyes and lips, as well as the laugh lines that one develops through the years.

Clients of the Wrinkle System have only praises for the Therapeutic Sunblock SPF-40. They say that the product really lived up to their expectations and that even in the hottest weathers; they did not develop sunburns after applying the solution. Another says that aside from sunscreen and anti-aging effect, it also leaves the skin moist and silky, but not greasy since it is absorbed quickly. Another satisfied customer in her fifties also added that she has used the sunblock and it did not only protect her from getting sunburns, but also from getting more wrinkles than she already had at her age.

Sun and summer are some of the things we love. Although basking in the sun for long period is not advisable, you can still enjoy lounging in the summer heat as long as you put on the right kind of protection which is the sunblock. And for needs of the right sunblock that offers you more ways of protection, you can read further on Therapeutic Sunblock SPF-40.

Geneva is our in house skin care buff and usually writes about skin care topics such as how to prevent wrinkles.