Soccer Anyone? Miami Rooftop Soccer is Here

If you play soccer, and are grinding for a spot to play, fear no more.  Rooftop soccer is here in Miami! Located near the Capital Grill on Brickell Avenue in downtown Miami, the rooftop soccer complex has two fields that are divided by an air conditioned waiting room equipped with plasma tv, cold beverages, and […]

Lebron James Girlfriend Against Move to Miami?

Lebron James’ decision to “take his talents to South Beach” was truly a divisive move; it seems everyone outside of the Miami Heat fanbase was against the new Evil Empire formed in the NBA, with James teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to create a new force to be reckoned with in the […]

Open Letter to Dan Gilbert: Fuck You

When I first heard about the Open Letter to Cleveland by the Cavaliers majority owner, Dan Gilbert, I tended to think it was fake.  Why would a man who just made millions, if not billions, by winning the NBA lottery, and selecting the “chosen one,” LeBron James, think that LeBron owed the city of Cleveland […]

LeBron James April Fools Post May Not Be a Joke

Back on April 1, 2010, I posted an entry about Lebron James joining the Miami Heat.  While I was saying all of that tongue in cheek, it looks like the Heat have a legit shot at landing the NBA’s most prized free agent.  With Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh already signed with the Heat, James […]

Marlins New Stadium Includes Aquariums Behind Home Plate

In the ever-changing baseball stadium scene, teams are one-upping one another in the category of “things you’ve never seen before at a baseball game.”  In this update on the new Marlins Stadium in Little Havana, I’m happy to report the Marlins just joined the big leagues of innovation and have announced that there will be […]

Florida Marlins Season Preview 2010

by Terry Bender Even though I’m a transplant and was not born down here, I have adopted the Florida Marlins as my baseball team.  The team that already has two world championships in it’s short existence is too impressive to ignore, especially for a die hard fan like me.  The simple fact that it’s meager […]

It’s All About The U

by Miami Blog Staff If you were lucky enough to catch the documentary that ESPN did such a good job on, called “THE U,” you can appreciate the coverage that the best football program in the nation received.  The in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the program was a hit documentary that had people on the edge […]

Heat Forward Dorrell Wright Arrested on South Beach

by Terry Bender I wish I could report some better news about the Heat, but every time I turn around it’s just drama.  Last week I reported that Rafer Alston had left the team in a very bizarre, disgruntled fashion.  Well, today I have more to report.  Forward Dorrell Wright was arrested on South Beach […]

Rafer Alston Leaves Miami Heat

by Terry Bender While it has been a few days since Rafer Alston was first suspended for now showing up to Saturday’s game versus Atlanta, it’s a mystery to me what in the heck could he be doing?  Alston, the point guard recently acquired from the New Jersey Nets, a popular player known for his […]

Michael Irvin Fires off $100 Million Lawsuit at Rape Accuser

by Miami Blog Staff Kudos to Michael Irvin.  He has always been known as the “Playmaker” on the field, but this play is aimed at the woman who accused the ex-Hurricane and Dallas Cowboy wide receiver of raping her at the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino right here in South Florida.  We’ve been following the story […]