Southwest Ranches Homes For Sale

Just off I-75 in Broward county is a little enclave called Southwest Ranches.  Surrounded by Davie, Weston, Cooper City, and Pembroke Pines, Southwest Ranches is a unique town for people who want to get away from the bustling downtown Metropolitans of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.   A few professional athletes have chosen to live in Southwest Ranches because it’s off the beaten path, tranquil, and it leads to a more private, less-intrusive life.  (TMZ would be outted in one minute in this close-knit town of 7,100 people!)

Notably, Chad Pennington has bought a home in Southwest Ranches.  (See photos below.)

The real estate for sale in Southwest Ranches is precious, but each home comes with a price tag.  You see, this is a unique community that really is “like a big dude ranch.”  There are no stop lights in the town, and the rural community takes pride in the fact that you can ride by horseback as you wish.

Many people who are from the Midwest enjoy this town, as it feels like “home.”  Packed with grazing animals, nurseries offering all sorts of native plants and landscaping, farms,  and a diverse population of wild life.

Residential and agricultural zoning makes up the majority of the town of Southwest Ranches,  which also has a stipulation that all home lots must be a minimum of one to two acres.   According to the official town website of Southwest Ranches, the town “was formed to stop encroaching development, and all our Council Members have pledged to “preserve our rural lifestyle,” which includes donkeys braying, roosters crowing, and no sidewalks.”

There are many amazing properties in Southwest Ranches.  If you didn’t have a real estate agent who knew the area, you may not ever get the full experience.  The town is full of master-designed mansions that sit on acreage and fully encompass the wildlife and scenery.

Southwest Ranches became an official city in 1996, after a vote was held to either make it part of Davie, Pembroke Pines, or to become a new city.

There was a contest held in order to name the Town, and 122 ideas were submitted. An official vote  took place on October 12, 1999 to pick one of the top five names, and Southwest Ranches was the winner.

Chad Pennington's Southwest Ranches Home

Chad Pennington’s Southwest Ranches Home

Another shot from overhead shows the amount of acreage home owners in Southwest Ranches are required to maintain.

Overhead View

Overhead View

We’re currently gathering a current list of Southwest Ranches homes for sale so people can truly see how beautiful this community is.