South Florida’s Slice of the Anti Aging Industry

As I wrapped up probably the hottest fourth of July ever, it was hard to avoid all of the anti aging products being used around me.  When you are the skin care & beauty expert at a bar b que with over 80 people, you tend to get asked many questions and subsequently hear about all of the products used and purchased by each of the people in attendance.

I heard all about the below topics over the course of a scorching 96 degree Miami day:

It was quite the afternoon of sun, fun, and anti aging topics.  South Florida sure does have a unique position in the anti aging industry.  It’s said that the anti aging industry is valued at 96 billion dollars.  It’s also growing at an annual rate of over 8%.

People are quickly adapting to the notion that they must do something about their skin and body as they age. As the skin ages, it wrinkles.  As the face gets older, sun damage starts showing.  As our bodies get older, we lose our muscle mass and our bones become weaker.  Companies are coming out with products to treat these many issues as fast as they can.  “It’s all about looking younger and feeling better about myself,” said Kerryn, who was in attendance at the bbq I attended.  “There are many anti aging products out there, such as wrinkle creams and anti cellulite creams, it’s really becoming a full time job just making myself look younger,” she concluded.

South Florida knows more about this than most other States.  Not only do the people of Florida suffer from sun damage and increase their odds of wrinkles with such big exposure to the sun, but there are a number of manufacturers from Pompano Beach down to Miami that manufacture these fine anti aging products.  There are many laboratories that make products to sell on the web, in retail, and of course, to the local South Florida people who in turn sell them to tourists who visit each year.

With baby boomers moving into Florida on the East Coast and West Coast, it’s obviously easy to see why this business sector continues to grow.  With more and more people who are at the age when they start to wrinkle and see other signs of aging make them show their age, it’s easy to see why so many great products are being introduced each year.

One thing is for certain, this is one market sector that will not slow down!