South Beach Boot Camp

Has anyone seen the South Beach Boot Camp?  It’s actually a clever idea.  It’s part rambo, part David Hasselhoff in South Beach!  The South Beach Boot Camp joins at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and does sprints, weight training, and more.  They train in the early hours, so this is not for the weak of heart.
Think about it. You live in South Beach.  You need the beach body!  You don’t want to be the woman (or even worse, MAN) rubbing cellulite cream on your body every day as you try to look the best for your trip to the beach!  You need to look good, feel good, and train!  The South Beach boot camp has room for more members – so what are you waiting for – get to camp!

On another note, I used to run down South Beach each morning.  I have a routine I call the “bum workout.”  I run down to South Pointe Park, then get a good stretch in.  Then, I kick off my shoes and run sprints down the beach, towards the Starbucks on third Street.  (Actually, it’s a fake Starbucks, but only locals know that.)  I jump, skip, and dive over any bum sleeping on the boardwalk on the way there.  It’s actually a great workout.  I highly recommend it to anyone who lives in the area.