Smoking Everywhere Review

by Terry Bender

So I’ve been continuing my new Years Resolution of quitting smoking traditional cigarettes.  I’ve made the switch to e-cigarettes.  In a recent trip to Sawgrass Mall, I noticed that there is another e-cigarette that is making waves in the industry, and it’s called Smoking Everywhere.  This company has a pretty impressive display, with two plasma televisions in each booth, and plenty of e-cigarette products for use as demonstrations.

I’m continually amazed at how this e-cigarette industry is growing – it’s really becoming quite a fascination and a healthier way to quit smoking and keep the environment “green.”

I decided to purchase ane-cigarette starter kit from Smoking Everywhere.  While I was impressed with their mall display, I was less impressed with their product.  It wasn’t as easy to use as the Green Smoke E-Cigarettes, and it wasn’t as classy of a product.  I have been a long time smoker, but this wasn’t much in comparison to a traditional cigarette.  In fact, the Green Smoke E-cig blew it out of the water.

I’m continuing my research to find the best e-cigarette.  I’m destined to become “traditional cig free” and will not be “that guy” who is smoking near a baby, near people’s food, or anywhere, for that matter.  I am an e-cig guy now, and I’m all about a healthier me and a greener environment.