Slap Chop by Miami’s Vince Offer

The rumor has it that Vince Offer, the marketing maven himself, lives in Miami.  We can’t confirm or dispute that report, but whatever the answer is, we’re big fans of Vince Offer here at Miami Blog.

If you haven’t heard about the Slap Chop, I suggest you just go to the website and look for yourself here:  SLAP CHOP.

If you do know about the Slap Chop, you know you can slap your troubles away, one slap at a time.  Vince shows you how on the short infomercial. This one is a parody!

With Slap Chop,™ you can Dice, Chop & Mince in Seconds!  Chop fruits, vegetables, nuts and more with one slap.   With every slap the finer the food gets.  It’s so easy you can even do it with one finger.   Well, at least Vince can….but as he says “If I can do it with one finger, you can do it with your whole hand.”

•    Pops open like a butterfly to clean
•    Dishwasher safe
•    You never need to switch blades
•    10 year warranty

Check out the Slap Chop Infomercial, one of Vince’s best performances.  He is truly a marketing legend, and he reps a great product that I personally own.  The Slap Chop has helped me make my omelets less boring, my salads full of more ingredients, and it’s even made me refrain from crying when I chop up onions!

(Life is too short, you don’t have time to cry….says Vince)