Skin Care Ingredient Trends

by Geneva

If you are one that is into your skin, you certainly have seen quite the evolution in skin care ingredients over recent years.  Through many scientific breakthroughs, we’ve seen the constant use of cosmeceuticals in skin care formulas, we’ve seen old-school staples like aloe vera lose steam, and we’ve seen some amazing new ingredients break through and steal the limelight.  Here are a few of the highlights I’ve seen over the last few yeasrs.

1.  La Prairie is using caviar in their eye lift cream.  It’s a natural anti oxidant.  It’s also about $300 for one ounce!

2.  Gold is used as a skin care ingredient.  Just check out the 24k gold line of Oro Gold Cosmetics.  Same deal with the antioxidant value.

3.  Syn-ake, a rare venom made from synthetic pit vipers venom, is being used as a wrinkle treatment.  The though is that the venom is paralyzing, much like a venomous snake.  Imagine what a snake bite does to a wrinkle?

Of course, there are eye creams using resveratrol acai berry extract, and other anti-oxidants.  As they are very important in the fight versus free radicals, you can count on more being used in the mainstream.

What is next?  What will 2010 bring us in skin care?  There certainly are some creative minds out there….I’m sure something cool will pop up, and you can bet your last dollar you’ll see it first in the Miami area.