Sammy Sosa is White?

by Terry Bender

Sammy Sosa, the former big league slugger known for his participation in the greatest home run chase of all time, has surfaced in recent weeks looking rather gaunt.  The new photos of Sosa show him in a much paler color, and assumptions have been made that Sosa has been affected by his past steroid use.

However, Sosa recently came clean in a statement made to Espn Deportes.  Sosa admitted to using a skin bleaching cream in order to “soften his skin.”

Sosa says that he is not a racist, and he even joked that he was planning on marketing this skin care, which reports say he purchased in Europe.

In another note, Sosa will be in Miami shortly to celebrate his 41st birthday party.  Sosa regularly parties in Miami and he has a residence in Aventura.