Rafer Alston Leaves Miami Heat

by Terry Bender

While it has been a few days since Rafer Alston was first suspended for now showing up to Saturday’s game versus Atlanta, it’s a mystery to me what in the heck could he be doing?  Alston, the point guard recently acquired from the New Jersey Nets, a popular player known for his boisterous personality and on-court razzle-dazzle display of skills, has not been in contact with the team since Friday, numerous news reports state.  Only a text message sent, prior to him missing Friday’s practice, in fact.  So what the heck is he doing with himself?  Certainly this one time member of the time he was so looking forward to re-unite with isn’t having second thoughts about playing in Miami, is he?

Sure, he was benched against the Lakers.  We all saw that.  But, by leaving the team amidst a playoff race, he has shown Miami that there is either something going on behind the scenes or he was frustrated to the point of walking away from a team that needs him.  Whatever it is, it’s an opening for another player.  While it remains to be seen if the Heat will seek another player to help fill in at point guard, the Heat do have superstar Dwayne Wade, along with Dorrell Wright, Carlos Arroyo, and second year player Mario Chalmers.

In the meantime, we’ll play “Where’s Rafer?” around town and let you know if he surfaces.