Prevent Wrinkles by Increasing Collagen Production

Collagen is an essential part of the skin that helps to retain youth by
assisting in the production of moisture and other components which lead to
firmness within the skin. Collagen can help to maintain the firmness of the
skin which is associated with youth and prevent sagging of not only the skin
throughout the upper lids of the eyes, but through the entire face and even
various parts of the body. Through the collagen production process, the body
and skin can maintain their form as they age. This is the reason it is
important to take measures to maintain the levels of collagen within the
body, especially the skin through the early processes of aging.

Unfortunately, as we age, collagen levels begin to become depleted and this
can lead to the breakdown of the skin which can cause fine lines, sagging
and even cracks upon the surface of the skin. Collagen is an essential part
of health skin and produced within the deepest layers of the skin. The
nutrients which are responsible for collagen production can become depleted
through the natural cycle of aging and can therefore lead to the skin
appearing cracked, dry and otherwise aged.

These skin abnormalities that come from a lack of collagen being produced in
the skin can often happen prematurely if the individual is not following a
healthy diet and including an adequate amount of water within this diet.
Water is an essential part of maintaining collagen levels, as well as other
nutrients within the skin. The importance of eight glasses of water per day
should not be understated as it can lead to healthy and youthful appearing
skin, especially through the eye area. Without water, the skin can become
dehydrated, which can be seen throughout the thinnest layers of the skin,
especially through the eye area. This dehydration can lead to bruising and
discoloration in the formation of dark under eye circles.

Natural ways that you can increase the collagen production within the skin
through the use of supplements include collagen supplements which are taken
orally, as well as choosing vitamin E supplements. When it comes to these
types of products, you should ensure that they can fit within your health
profile and speak with a health care provider before beginning any
supplements. There are also many types of vitamin and nutrient supplements
available which are specified to create levels of healthy skin and nutrients
throughout the entire body.

Collagen maintenance is an important part of preventing aging within the
skin and therefore choosing creams which are able to complete this task is
essential in retaining the healthy appearing skin that comes with youth.
Skin that has adequate levels of collagen is firm, toned and maintains the
moisture which is introduced to the skin, thereby appearing healthier than
skin that is lacking in the essential nutrient.