Plastic Surgery Magazine Honors EliteSkin

by Geneva

As part of our arrangement with advertisers, we like to highlight the positive news that’s cast upon their business.  EliteSkin has been a leading cosmeceutical manufacturer, with it’s Elite Serum being the flagship product.  The anti aging products marketed by EliteSkin have been receiving a lot of praise, as documented on many of the wrinkle cream review blogs you can find online.  Both skin care experts and consumers are having a lot of good things to say about these products that are made right here in the greater Miami area.

Recently, the company was recognized in Plastic Surgery Practice magazine.  You can follow the link to find their website and read the entire story. It appears in the “product news” section of the November issue.

EliteSkin uses high-powered cosmeceutical ingredients to treat wrinkles, dark circles, and loose skin.


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