Outlaw Sports Advisors – Terry’s Boys Makin’ It Rain

Our own Terry Bender covers sports news and is known to bet on just about anything under the sun.  Today, Terry tells the world about one of his friends new ventures, which has launched with a SMASHING success.

Miami, Florida marks the scene of the man who gathers all the information from this network of sports handicappers.  I met Tim, the face of the business, while drinking in South Beach.  A happy go lucky guy with wall street wit and a serious Internet background, Tim has successfully recruited a HUGE source of information to bet part of what is now one of the most revered sports handicapping websites heading into the 2011 football season.

I’ve been following their initial launch picks, which are generated in beautiful Costa Rica, for two weeks now.  I got a free look in to their picks, which are the result of a lot of information gathered from sources that start with offshore sportsbooks.  The offshore industry does a good job of helping get numbers out to people that tell others where the money is being laid……BUT, they don’t tell people who is betting what, where, and how much.  Well, this website has a consultant working down there, in the pits, getting the information on where players called “sharps, wise guys” and other fancy names, are laying their bets.

One theory is going VERSUS the public money.  As a degenerate gambler, I can say that if you bet against my picks the last decade you’d have a lot more money than me.  It’s crazy how the public loses, and how much they lose. It’s year in, year out.  Books make money and guys collect, while customers pay.  It’s a clockwork business.

Outlaw Sports Advisors make money by betting against the public, and following the money laid by the wise guys.  This is tough to get information, but so far, so good – the group is on an 8-2 run since opening its doors and taking over the Outlaw brand.  This is their first year selling their information to others, but so far it’s off to one of the hottest starts in the sports betting world.

The free look-in has been highly profitable for me.  I am going to document their picks here on Miami’s best blog and show people how they do over the season. It’s cool to see a local group doing well with this – it’s afforded me the right to drink more, live better, and not be such a losing sports gambler!

Here is a link to the site, in case you want to check them out.

Outlaw Sports Handicappers

Terry Bender writes in sports and lifestyle.  He’s back from a sabbatical and will appear regularly this fall for the football season.