Open Letter to Dan Gilbert: Fuck You

When I first heard about the Open Letter to Cleveland by the Cavaliers majority owner, Dan Gilbert, I tended to think it was fake.  Why would a man who just made millions, if not billions, by winning the NBA lottery, and selecting the “chosen one,” LeBron James, think that LeBron owed the city of Cleveland anything more than he already did?  After all, LeBron spent the first part of his career there, never caused an off-court issue, brought Cleveland basketball to a high level, and attracted other stars, such as Shaquille O’Neal, and essentially resurrected the basketball culture in Ohio.

Sure, they did not win an NBA title. But guess what, only the Spurs, Pistons, Heat, Lakers, and Celtics won titles in the last decade.  That’s five teams in 10 years, and two virtual dynasties when you look at the span of winning teams the Lakers and Spurs put together in that time frame.  It’s not like LeBron wasn’t trying, the guy carried that team on his back for many years, and hit countless clutch shots as the team attempted to beat powerhouses like Orlando, Boston, and Detroit over the last several years.  Just in the last two years did ownership in Cleveland really pay attention and try to make a splash in free agency, mind you.

Dan Gilbert, you are a whiny, toothless, spineless, selfish prick. You are obviously very disheartened by LeBron moving on, which he has earned the right to do.  He served his time in your boring State, Dan.  He served time as a youth, and as an adult.  Let the guy explore and live life the way his money allows him to live it.  He entertained the fans, who of course, served him well and supported him throughout.  But, at no point in life is a player at the mercy of his team, no matter where his roots come from, and at no point did LeBron “sell out” Cleveland.  Instead, you sold out LeBron, and attempted to diss a player who had every right to enjoy the recruitment he never got to experience earlier in his career, a player who was free to choose any city he wished.  It’s not like he pulled a Nick Saban, and said he was coming back, he never did that to you, Dan.  He stayed out of your coaching search, minded his own business, and never made any promises, ala Nick Saban in Miami.

LeBron James simply wanted to experience something new, and take a new career path.  While it’s obvious your fans will be upset, the true fans will understand LeBron is doing what he wants to do, WIN. Your team will never win in Cleveland, at least under your direction.  I can guarantee your proclamation made in your open letter….


….will come back to bite you in the ass and make you the biggest laughing stock in league ownership history.  Seriously, I can’t wait to laugh in your face when Cleveland misses the playoffs next year.  I feel bad for the Cleveland fans that they have such a terrible, gutless owner.  They deserve better, the city deserves class individuals if they want to turn around their bad run in sports.  They deserve Mike Brown, who was a classy guy, but wait, you fired him and then blamed LeBron for the playoff failure.  Way to think it through, Danny boy.

I can guarantee that if and when you run into LeBron James, he will be nothing but classy, as he normally is.  Sans his non-existent post-handshake one year in the playoffs, I don’t think LeBron has every publicly humiliated the team like you just did in your open letter.

Your insult-laden rant to the city of Cleveland, which just got dumber by reading your tirade, is an embarassment to professional sports owners.

Did the Green Bay Packers do this when Brett Favre signed with their arch rival? Nope.

Did the Timberwolves pressure KG to stay? No, they knew he had greener grass to explore, just like King James did…..

Never in sports history have I seen such a cowardly display of selfishness in my life.  If the walls could talk in your home, I’m sure they would be listening to you cry ……”Oh my God how am I going to make money now, let’s blame LeBron, it’s all his fault.”

Dan, LeBron is the only reason you have a soapbox to stand on, the only reason anyone even knows the Cavaliers still exist, and the only reason anyone paid attention to the NBA yesterday.

I suggest you live with LeBron’s decision, quit being such a cryass, and get ready for Hurricane LeBron to come knock your ass down.

-Terry Bender

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I look like a fake Kevin McHale

“I look like a fake Kevin McHale”