Old School Stuff in Miami

I was on Ocean Drive (as always) checkin out tourists and lookin for my next beer.  I ran into some OLD SCHOOL stuff that I thought I’d share with ya’ll.

Here is a list of what I saw going on:

I saw an older lady rubbing on Panama Jack Sunscreen!  Does that stuff really still exist?  I thought that was done with in the 80’s.  What a great logo, the pimp from Panama, lookin’ all Don Juan and shit.  Classic!

I saw a guy wearing an old Rolando Blackmon Jersey.  Another classic throwback.  All we need now is Manut Bol!!!!

I saw an old pair of stone-washed Girbaud jeans!  Way!

I saw 80’s hair and swimsuits. Sort of like on this diet pill website I came across.

All I needed was a guy wearing a knee brace with a Kurt Rambis jersey to complete my day.  I had some good laughs, got drunk, and now I’m at home working, like usual.  Gotta love the 305!


  1. Stan Urall says:

    Rambis rules!!

  2. Kurt Rambis does rule. Wonder how his eyes are doing. He sure did protect those things with the rec specs!