OchoCinco News Network Joins Super Bowl Media

by Terry Bender

Chad OchoCinco, a Miami native and resident, will be attending this years Super Bowl quite extensively.  The Cincinatti Bengals outgoing wide receiver and everyone’s favorite media mogul will be part of the Super Bowl week as part of the OchoCinco News Network.  OchoCinco formed this network with Motorola not too long ago.

OchoCinco News Network

OchoCinco News Network

During the Super Bowl week, he will work with Ray Rice and Chris Cooley, providing behind the scenes access to the events, players, and festivities that lead up to the games biggest event.  Among other things, the team will be updating the fans behind the scenes on their popular Twitter feeds.  In case you didn’t know, Chad is ALWAYS on Twitter, talking about things from when he’s signing on to play video games to what he thinks about the NFL fining him for his various antics.

OchoCinco is a regular around Miami. He can often times be found on Ocean Drive, David’s Cafe, or at any of the local sporting events.  Never shy and always quick to share an opinion, OchoCinco aspires to a career in media someday.  That fit seems natural for him.

This week in Miami you can also find Darnell Dockett as well as the previously mentioned Chris Cooley and Ray Rice toting microphones and doing their best reporting job as they cover what is expected to be a very entertaining Super Bowl.

The Indianapolis Colts have opened up as a 5.5 point favorite over the Drew Brees led New Orleans Saints.  This game pits two of the best quarterbacks in the game against each other.  Brees and the Saints knocked off the high-powered Minnesota Vikings in the NFC championship game last week while the Indianapolis Colts beat the New York Jets to make it to their second super bowl appearance in Miami in just 3 years.  The Colts won the Super Bowl in Miami in 2007 when they beat the Chicago Bears in a rain-soaked game.  The forecast for the Super Bowl on Sunday is partly sunny with a high in the low 70’s.

One things is for sure, the Super Bowl being held in Miami is one of the best things for the NFL.  Both teams are expected to travel well and have plenty of fans looking to come to the warm weather Miami brings.  For this reason, Miami is always up for consideration when the Super Bowl committee meets to decide on a new venue.