Nubag Makes Splash on Miami Radio Station

Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

It’s an average Friday,and the best sports & entertainment talk show in the nation, the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz, is chugging right along. A discussion about Stugotz’s dislike of the way Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers is handling himself recently kicks off the show. Stugotz, a die-hard New York Jet fan, is upset about Rodgers comments about his team’s quarterback Mark Sanchez, as well as his arrogant comments after the season’s thrilling opener in Green Bay, which led people to believe he was taking shots at Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

The show’s open forum and laid back approach has people on the edge of their seat. The leading man, Dan LeBatard, has a love-hate relationship with many listeners. Informed listeners who have a respect for morals and the general wellness of society cling to LeBatard’s every word and repeat them like gospel. Opinionated, uninformed, and malicious listeners normally attack Dan’s stances on sports topics and voice their opinions by calling him fat, stupid, and an array of four letter words. Love him or hate him, Dan is Miami’s voice of sports, and well on his way to being THE sports ambassador of Miami Media. His professionalism and mastery of the English language seems out of place in the under-educated general Miami populace, which makes him a lightning rod for criticism despite being the clear cut voice of all things sports in Miami.

When co-host and voice of the people Stugotz started endorsing Nubag on the radio show this fun Friday, Dan questioned his co-hosts antics and asked many questions.  Stugotz assured his partner in crime that this was so real that “if it’s not, my last name’s not Weiner!”

The show took several turns and had a plethora of banter.  At one point in the show, Stugotz pointed out that Nubag is interested in doing a television commercial during the Super Bowl, something that got a rise out of Le Batard.  “There is no way the NFL will allow that,” stated Le Batard.

While the debate continued on air, there was no way to avoid the banter on Twitter and other social media outlets.  People spoke up and got the name “NUBAG” out in society.

With so many people looking to get their name out there and steal the headlines, it was a ball spray that dominated the show on the Friday before the NFL’s opening weekend kicked off.  A ball spray.  Seriously.  This is what the world is coming to.  Curing sweaty balls.