Nosara Costa Rica is Pura Vida


Playa Nosara Costa Rica

by Terry Bender

For those of you who have not spent time in Costa Rica, I highly suggest you do so.  It’s such a cool place to visit.  Forget all of the great Costa Rica Land opportunities out there that Bernie Stackhouse will tell you about, I’m talking about just livin’ the life in Costa Rica, having a few cold Imperials, (the national beer of Costa Rica) and jumping on a surfboard once in a while.

Costa Ricas buzzword is “pura vida,” which means “pure life” when loosely translated. However, down in Costa Rica it can mean anything.  Got a problem?  Pura Vida.  Got time to go fishing?  Pura vida.  Want to go out tonight?  Pura vida.  It’s just a common response that means pretty much anything you want it to mean.

My favorite area to surf in Costa Rica is an area called Nosara.  Playa Nosara, Costa Rica, is just about as serene as it gets.  Nosara property is basically tucked away in the southern tip of Guanacaste, across the way from Nicoya.  It’s in this area where white sand beaches and killer rip tides roll in all day long.  You can catch a beer at Marlin Bills Restaurant, or even catch some Yoga at the famous Nosara Yoga institute.  I never get bored of doing nothing and living the life of “pura vida” in Costa Rica.

If you ever get the chance to visit Costa Rica, I highly suggest you check out this place.