Northern Tool & Equipment – A Handyman’s Savior

by Terry Bender

If you find yourself doing a little home improvement, or just need to have some of the more manly tools around the house for the times when you just need to have the right tool for the job, Northern Tool & Equipment is just the place for you.  Since most people live in condo’s or high rise complexes in Miami, it’s not always pertinent to have tools and heavy machinery as there is really no place to store it.  But, if you are like me, a long-time Midwesterner who is used to the comfort a home can offer, you like to spread out and have things in place.  For me, there is nothing better than going into the garage and just working on stuff.  I could build all day, and thanks to the folks at Northern Tool & Equipment, I now have a place I can visit to buy power tools that are built to last.  Not only do they sell tools, but also power washers, generators, power inverters, winches, and all sorts of other stuff that blue-collar guys like me just love.

I frequent the North Miami Northern Tool & Equipment location, which is located conveniently off the Palmetto, whenever I need something to get the job done.  There is also a store in South Miami, as well as a few others spread out across the State of Florida.  The corporate headquarters are located in Minnesota, and this company was founded by a Minnesotan who recognized the value of having stuff that handymen needed at all times.  It’s now a global company with a huge mail order catalog business, but don’t get me wrong, the staff both on the phones and at the retail locations are very helpful and can suggest the best tool and apparatus for each job.

Northern carries many brands of tools & equipment, and they also manufacture their own brands.  Their dedication to customer service sets them apart from say a Home Depot, where you don’t always get the right response or quick checkout you get at Northern Tool.  I prefer Northern because they have every little bit and piece I need as I do projects.  You can also find some pretty cool stuff that you can use in your own creative building ways like engines and hydraulics.  In fact, early on in their existence, Northern was called exactly that, “Northern Hydraulics.”  The company has grown into a huge business to consumer AND business to business operation, and you can find Northern spread across 11 States in the USA if I am not mistaken.  Mostly on the East Coast and in the Midwest, Northern caters to that burly crowd of “do-it-yourselfers” who enjoy gardening, mulching, mowing, spraying, and building.  This is the ultimate destination for tool fanatics in Miami, and if you have not had the chance to visit Northern, I suggest you go ahead and do so now.  You won’t be let down by their massive store and helpful staff, and you certainly will come home with the tools you need for your job – or the tools you just want to mess around with!