New Years Resolutions – Miami Blog Style

by Terry Bender and the Miami Blog Staff

This year, I’ve got my usual New Years Resolutions….

I want to lose 20 pounds – of course, I’ll lose like 4-5 right off the bat, then just stop trying.

I want to quit smoking – something that I think I will be able to do now that I’ve found Blu Cigs Electric Cigarettes.

I want to give a serious shot at running a marathon – hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Geneva wants to try to get rid of her butt cellulite.  I’d like to see her butt to see what she’s trying to do.

Bernie is trying to stop selling land in Miami, and trying to make a move to an offshore spot, -perhaps Costa Rica.  If we lose Bernie I guess I will be the Miami Blog real estate guy.  Yikes!

We’d like to know what our readers here think about this new year and see what they have in mind as far as their New Years Resolutions.

Happy New Year once again from the staff of Miami Blog.