Michael Irvin Fires off $100 Million Lawsuit at Rape Accuser

by Miami Blog Staff

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin

Kudos to Michael Irvin.  He has always been known as the “Playmaker” on the field, but this play is aimed at the woman who accused the ex-Hurricane and Dallas Cowboy wide receiver of raping her at the Hollywood Hard Rock Casino right here in South Florida.  We’ve been following the story all week, as well as many others who are here in Miami for the big game on Sunday, and we think Irvin made the right move in firing back.

The Miami Herald story starts off like this….

“Calling her “morally bankrupt,” the lawsuit filed in Dallas court alleges the woman is trying to destroy Irvin’s reputation as a highly acclaimed sports broadcaster.”

Indeed, that seems to be the just of it.  And of course, she picks a week when Irvin is scheduled for many media appearances as his thoughts and views are looked at by many for the Super Bowl.  This type of timing is what really made this whole thing fishy to us here at Miami Blog.  I mean seriously, Super Bowl week?  This “allegedly” happened in the past, so why bring up this harsh accusation on Super Bowl week?

Since the accusations were announced Irvin has been let go from his radio show in Dallas with ESPN.

A statement issued by the NFL said, “We are aware that a civil lawsuit was filed. Our security department is looking into the allegations. According to Michael’s lawyer, the accusations are `totally untrue.’ He will be on-air this weekend.”

It was a whirlwind of developments for the Fort Lauderdale native.

On Thursday, a Broward County woman filed suit in Broward Circuit Court, accusing Irvin of raping her at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino over the July Fourth holiday 2007.

The woman, identified as Jane Doe in her lawsuit, claims Irvin tried to get her drunk, lured her to his hotel room and raped her. Another unidentified man also forced her to perform oral sex that night, she said.

She didn’t report the alleged attack for two weeks. Seminole police investigated, but by that time there was no surveillance or forensic evidence. Broward prosecutors have reviewed the case and did their own investigation. A decision on whether to charge Irvin criminally is expected next week.

According to Irvin’s lawsuit, the woman’s lawyers pushed for five months for Irvin to pay up to $1 million.

In January, the lawsuit alleges, the woman’s attorney’s threatened to sue during the Super Bowl and destory Irvin’s career.

“This is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to carry out plaintiff’s extortion plot, while capitalizing on the media circus that is Super Bowl weekend,” Irvin’s lawsuit said.

The woman’s lawyer, David Lister of Weston, declined to comment on the Dallas lawsuit.

On the gridiron playing wide receiver with the University of Miami and the Dallas Cowboys, Irvin was noted for his big plays and his big personality. Even after his retirement from pro football, Irvin stayed in the spotlight. He had the radio show in Dallas and did broadcasting for the NFL network.  He is also a public figure playing in charity golf tournaments and participating in many activities set up by the University of Miami.

It’s also worth noting that his Hall of Fame induction speech was one of the most moving and touching of all time.

As big fans of Michael Irvin, we all wish him the best from Miami Blog.  We have your back, Playmaker.  You’ll get past this and show your big personality all over media outlets again real soon.