Miami’s Newest Millionaire is a Chihuahua?

Some people call dogs “man’s best friend.”  In the case of Conchita, a Chihuahua to the late Gail Posner, some dogs truly are much more than that.  With the passing of the late socialite, the dog is set to inherit gobs of money as well as a palacial estate on Sunset Island.  To boot, the dog has a $3 MILLION trust fund to keep the lifestyle of designer duds and living expenses all under wraps.

According to an article published in the Sun Sentinel:

“Gail Posner’s will and trust gives her three dogs — Conchita, April Maria and Lucia — the right to live in the two-story Sunset Island mansion until they die.

She also left $27 million to her maids, bodyguards and personal trainer, plus the right for some of them to live rent free in the seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion in exchange for taking care of the dogs.”

Meanwhile, her son, named Bret, received only $1 million.  He has since filed suit….

Miami Dog Inherits Millions

Miami Dog Inherits Millions

Why people do things like this is beyond me…..but in Miami, land of the rich, famous, and quirky, anything is possible.  Things like this are daily happenings and never seem to shock me.  The sad and unfortunate passing of Gail should be a time of mourning and thought, but at this point in time, it looks like a legal battle is on the horizon.