Miami’s Green Smoke to Sponsor NASCAR Driver

We’ve been proudly announcing the news concerning the latest innovation that is taking Miami and South Beach by storm, none other than electronic cigarettes, dating back about two years now.  We have seen several local companies use Miami as a jumping off point for mass distribution of these fine innovations that are mainly made in China for the most part.  We’ve also talked about the rapid rise in fame of a blogger and e cigarette review expert named Andy Gray, also a Miami native, as part of our Miami blogging responsiblity to keep every0ne apprised as to what’s going on in the 3-0-5.

Well, if the Heat doing well so far in the NBA Playoffs wasn’t enough sports for the Miami area, we have news for you.  A local company called Green Smoke is now sponsoring NASCAR driver TJ Bell.  The sponsorship was first reported by Andy Gray, who made light of a CNBC article which said the same.  “This is a great day for electronic cigarettes,” said Gray.  “Green smoke has been leading the charge since 2009 and remains a very popular option for people who are looking for a smoking alternative.  Green Smoke reviews have been strong since I first posted their brand way back in 2009, and they continue to be a popular company known for their superior customer service, quality products, and dedication to innovation.”

Located in North Miami, Green Smoke is proud to be a sponsor in the Coca Cola 600.  The driver, TJ Bell, personifies just what Green Smoke is looking for in a driver, one report said, and another report said the NASCAR demographic is a perfect one for the company to increase awareness, grow sales, and attract new customers.

This is the first known sponsorship of a major sporting event by an electronic cigarette maker.

The company hopes this success will have an impact on it’s bottom line as well as shed some light on the great products that are changing lives, one puff at a time.   “My blog traffic grows each month,” said Gray, who is considered an expert on the topic and who suggests brands to people who post comments, questions, and inquiries on his site daily.  “People really like these products, they are world class, and work.  People don’t have to smell that awful second hand smoke like they did with traditional tobacco cigarettes.”

The race will take place May 29th.  It’s unknown if the car will be green or another color, but reports say the #50 will be TJ Bell’s NASCAR number.  Make sure to tune in and cheer for TJ Bell and Green Smoke.  Kudos to another Miami company making it big!