Miami’s Best Landscaped Homes

Landscaping an inclined backyard presents several challenges. Some things that need to be thought of and taken care of include building a functional slope, soil retention, drainage and combining the new landscaping with the overall design of the remaining landscape.

Some of Miami’s best houses are landscaped to the nines.  Scarface was shot at a home on Star Island, and the landscaping there leads little to the imagination.

landscaping around a pool

There are plenty of options for individuals to consider when it comes to landscaping an inclined backyard but one has to be careful in planning and thinking before going ahead with the final landscape design. The biggest challenge and goal for people, when landscaping a sloped backyard, includes making use of the inclined space and availing it to their best use while permitting space for other decorative features including patios, gardens, and decks amongst others.

Important Considerations When Landscaping Inclined Backyards

Slope Design

Smaller designs with grades drawing out from the house will provide an ideal space for making waterfalls, terraces and rock gardens. Moreover, including a water feature will also add an authentic touch to your backyard. Once a water feature is added, you or your gardener can add several different decorations around it to enhance the overall look.

Adding a water feature on slopes is easy since one will not require grading at all. Including terraces or holding walls creates enough space alongside the slope to embellish the look of the waterfall. You should also be careful when choosing stones when it comes to landscaping a sloped backyard. Some of the stone option includes rock, cement, brick, paving stones, slate and others.


One of the concerns of sloping backyards is drainage. There should always be a passage way for the water to flow out from in order to ensure no damage to the foundations of the property. It is also quite difficult to plant plants and grass on slopes. If there are any drainage issues, get them sorted before you start landscaping. Get the area checked from an engineer and ask for recommendations and ideas as well.


Planting on sloped backyards is not easy nor is adding grass. Whenever you landscape your backyard, make sure that you have this aspect of landscaping covered. If you are getting the backyard designed from a designer, ask him or her about his planting plans. If you are a nature lover and want more plants, brief the person who is designing your backyard. Moreover, if it is you who is doing the designing, another aspect you need to take care of is sun tolerance.

This post was inspired by a Redwood City Landscaper.