Miami Weather Update

by Miami Blog Staff

The weather in Miami has been similar to that of the northern states in the USA since mid-December, if not earlier.  The weather has prohibited many of the snowbirds from returning home to their states after the Holiday and New Year season with sun-kissed tans.  In fact, unless you talk to your resident skin care do-gooder, Geneva, you’d probably argue that you rarely needed sunblock this year, because the sun’s shining force was few and far between.

So, we thought that since it’s a slow Monday, we’d come out with this weeks Miami Weather forecast.  Normally, Monday mornings are reserved for Miami Dolphins banter, but since the season is over, and only one divisional foe remains in the hunt for the Super Bowl, (the one we REALLY hate) we’d just stick with the basics.

As of the time of this Miami Blog entry, it’s 47 degrees!  OUCH!

BUT, that’s the worst I have for you.  The high today will reach the mid 60’s in Miami, and according to, we should reach 81 degrees by Saturday!  Let’s hope the worst is past us, because this cold storm is absolutely hurting the Florida Fruit Growers.  More on that later.

Stay warm, my friends.  More to come later today from Miami’s #1 blog.