Miami Valentines Day Highlight Includes Tootsies Cabaret

by Terry Bender

For all of you looking for the lovey-dovey spots where you can pay too much money for a bottle of wine and a romantic dinner, you should probably just move on to another website.  I’m talking about a Valentines Day here for people who want to actually have fun and not get banged out by someone they may or may not be with come St. Patties Day.  This is Miami Valentines Day, Terry Bender style.

If you want to celebrate V-Day, my way, just follow me on this epic journey of debauchery.

I am thinking of starting my day off on Ocean Drive.  Probably catch a few mojitos at the Clevelander, and then mosey on over to Wet Willies for some frozen drinks.  I think I’d like to watch the Daytona 500 as well.  What better place to watch it then the Tootsies Cabaret? They have 100’s of plasma televisions in about every angle imaginable, so why not?  Plus, they have great food as well as a wide variety of exotic dancers to pay attention to, if desired.  You like Cubans?  Check.  Colombians?  Check.  Venezuelans?  Check.  White, black, asian, caucasian, indian, well, maybe.  They are all there, Tootsies has a serious lineup of women and an even better lineup of food, drinks, and entertainers.

Tootsies Caberet

Tootsies Caberet

After the Daytona 500 wraps, I’ll be hopefully collecting my winnings on a great Kyle Busch win.  Then, it’s anyone’s guess where I will meander off to.

NOTE:  Terry is officially crazy, and we do not endorse his Valentines Day antics.  While we at Miami Blog cannot control him, we only wish everyone had as much fun as him.  Happy Valentines Day from Miami Blog.