Miami Sports in Downward Spiral

With the Miami Heat’s magical, yet disappointing season in the rear-view mirror, fans of Miami sports are left in a twisting, turning, downward spiral.  The Heat were heavy favorites in the NBA Finals and had a chance at sweeping the Mavs, as they blew two late leads to go down to the Mavericks in six games.  While most sports aficionados know that it takes time to gel as a team and that this first season was not supposed to be a season where they win their first NBA title with the “Big 3,” Miami fans wanted the title as much as the players, and fans from around the league loved being on the other side of that coin as they constantly bickered, jabbed, poked, and prodded the Miami Heat players and coach.

For the record we really enjoyed the Heat season and went to several games.  The defensive, yet always ready to explode down the court and dunk style of play brought many good memories.  Thanks for the memories, D-Wade, LeBron, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, Mike Bibby, James Jones, Joel Anthony, Eddie House, Big Z, Damps, and the man with a huge heart and gritty style of play, Juwan Howard.  Did we leave anyone out?  If so, whoops…..just going off the cuff here.

With the Marlins in a serious tailspin and their ace, Josh Johnson, going on the 60 day disabled list, what is in the positive pipeline for Miami Sports fans?

Well, football season is rapidly approaching…..that is if there is one at the professional level.

The U, hmmmm….new coach, uncertainty at quarterback, and losing their huge receiver to the NFL does not not bode well for a strong outlook.  Sure, the Canes are the Canes and they just may step up under new coach Al Golden and surprise everyone, but let’s not bet the rent on them to do that, okay?

The Panthers?  We’ll skip that one and just congratulate the Bruins on last night’s game seven victory. Way to keep Canada’s name off the cup once again.

So, DolFans, if there is a season, which we are praying there is, what are your thoughts on this years team?  Should they reach out and try to sign Plaxico?  We’re opining that he signs in Philly, but it would be a nice addition to the Fins and Brandon Marshall would get open more if Plax could remain near his home in South Florida.

On the bright side, Miami sports can only trend up from here!