Miami Q. and A.’s Coming Up

We’re always up on the latest gossip in Miami….so you better believe you are going to see some Q. and A.’s with some of Miami’s own people.  We won’t name names, but we’ll give you some hints at the types of people we will be getting up close and personal with…

  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Real Estate Experts
  • NFL football players
  • Local Legends
  • Homeless people in South Beach
  • Local celebrities…and wanna be local celebrities….

You can be sure the no holds barred to journalism will be our approach. When people won’t ask, we will.  When they don’t, we do.  When you want real Miami info….well, we do our best to deliver.

That said, we have access to a lot of people, but will be taking requests on the comment form… away!