Miami Notes for Tuesday, November 17

Not too much to report in the 3-0-5 right now, so I thought I’d throw out a couple tidbits of information that I found on some other news sites.

On the Miami Herald, there is a BIG article about how Miami-Dade taxpayers spent $217,000 on trips for the commissioner to travel the world and “drum up trade.”  These trips amounted in a big fat ZERO.  Ouch!

The Dolphins are receiving a lot of media attention for what is being called a coaches decision to sit all-star linebacker Joey Porter.

Jacory Harris is hurting – this is NOT GOOD NEWS for Hurricanes fans.  He is wearing a soft case on his throwing hand, although he is reportedly going to start at Duke on Saturday.

On a positive note, some people are saying that the worst of the economic problems are behind us.  This is also available to read on the Miami Herald’s Official Site.

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