Miami News blog Updates

by Geneva

There are several new updates on the best Miami news blog around!  If you haven’t seen them, I urge you to take a look at the site for a while.  We have several new sections, including an in depth South Beach Information page.  This page talks al about South Beach, and while it’s nothing new for locals, people looking for information about South Beach will find it handy.

Moving forward, we’ll add some items to the South Beach page, such as a directory of local businesses as well as some South Beach restaurant/nightlife reviews.

We also have some pages about other Miami topics, which are sponsored by local businesses.  This includes our Miami real estate page, as well as our Miami Mortgage information page.  Be sure to check them out as they are SOLID companies.

As we strive to keep this the top Miami news blog, we will continue to expand our uber-informative website.

Coming soon, Miami Night Life information and reviews….