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Miami Blog screens it’s advertisers thoroughly.  After years of first-hand experience with the Trust Alliance Group, we’re proud to offer our full endorsement for all your Miami Mortgage needs.  We can vouch for our success with Trust Alliance’s staff as we’ve personally done several loans through them dating back to 2003.

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My name is Anish Dave’ and I have been a mortgage professional and real estate agent with over ten years of experience.  I have worked with investors on commercial properties, to first time homebuyers, as well as short sales for many years.  It is important to find out the goals of our clients, before we start the process.  Meaning sometimes as buyers or sellers have unrealistic goals on what they expect.    We need to make sure that all of us are on the same page.  The importance of explaining the process will help individuals relax during the sale or purchase of the property.

As we know the real estate market has hit the country very hard and especially South Florida market.   In a time of great distress for so many people, there is a lot of confusion and unknown components when it comes to real estate.  There is a lot of conflicting information on the correct course of action.   These costly mistakes can lead to more expenses for individuals.

If you are currently not able to make your house payments, and trying to do a short sale, there are many companies that would like to help you.  Some of these companies will charge a monthly fee to help fight the foreclosure or short sale.  In my eyes, I feel you don’t have enough money to pay your mortgage, who has money to pay a company to fight for you?  I have teamed up with company which will not charge the seller any upfront costs to negotiate your sale.  They will be compensated by doing the title work which will be required by the new buyer.  Therefore, no real money comes out of your pocket and you may be able to save some of your credit by doing a short sale.

On the other hand, through years of my experience we are able to negotiate great deals on properties.  I feel that as a consumer you don’t need a realtor to tell you if you like a home.  You need somebody that tells you the fact, and looks after your interests.   The key is negotiating a good deal and that is the value I have brought to my clients over the years.  I have never had a client spend $50,000 or $5,000,000 on purchase of a property, because I thought the property was nice.  The key is to have a professional represent you and get the job done.

If you need any assistance in selling your property because you are upside down or you are looking for that great deal, please contact me to discuss.   We are also doing a free market analysis on your property to see where you may stand in these economic conditions.  Please let me help you make the right decision on your financial endeavors.

If there are any questions I can be reached at or directly at 786 277-7631.

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